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About us

CN Medical Supply was founded in 2004. The primary goal is to provide quality medical supplies and . We go extra miles to keep our customers happy, and it shows. Our company is licensed to provide the following. more



Our Servives


We provide services in the following areas:


 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) 

 Ventilators Invasive or Noninvasive 

 Supplemental Oxygen Systems 

 Oxygen Concentrators 

 Cylinder Oxygen Systems 

 Conserving Devices 


 Apnea Monitors 

 Home Medical Equipment 

 Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners 

 Patient Education Offered in English & Spanish (Translator Services Available for Other Languages) 

(Translator Services Available for Other Languages) 


Our highly competent licensed staff will develop an individualized care plan in collaboration with you, your family and your doctor, so you’ll receive the care that will meet your needs. 


For many patients the ability to stay at home creates a great benefit of improving their quality of life. With recent developments like liquid oxygen systems, lightweight cylinders and concentrators mean additional improvements in lifestyle such as increased independence, comfort, convenience and mobility for many patients. 

Oxygen Concentrators 

Oxygen concentrators give patients continuous oxygen without worry of interruption. They are more mobile than other alternatives and can be moved to different locations within the house. 

Cylinder Oxygen Systems 

These systems are designed for non-ambulatory patients who require low flow rates. They are also used by ambulatory patients who want to live a more active lifestyle. 

Conserving Devices 

Oxygen conserving devices can be used in addition to standard cylinder systems to reduce escaping oxygen and prolong the usable hours of the cylinder setup. They can also be used with small cylinders and liquid systems to enhance mobility of patients that lead more active lifestyles. 


When nebulizers are needed, CN Medical Supply offers the latest technology and reliable equipment, plus in depth patient instruction. 

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) / Bi-level 

Our Knowledgeable staff provides both diagnostic and therapeutic services as required by patients with obstructive sleep apnea, under the instruction of their physicians. 

Ventilators & Respiratory Assist Devices 

CN Medical Supply offers appropriate equipment and supplies including thorough patient instruction for those requiring continuous ventilation or intermittent noninvasive ventilation. 

Apnea Monitors

We will work with the patient’s physician to instruct patients on proper use of the monitor and any other therapies needed. 

Home Medical Equipment 

We offer a wide variety of products from wheel-chairs and mobility aids to diabetic supplies. Our knowledgeable staff is available to support the needs of our patients.


Our specially trained staff provides training and education for the patients and their families to ensure highest safety and quality of care. Being comfortable with Oxygen & Respiratory Therapy means being educated about the equipment as well as the condition it is used to treat. 

We follow the patients throughout their care to ensure the patient’s equipment needs are being met and to alleviate any concerns they may have. 


Our insurance reimbursement specialists handle Medicare, Medicaid, and Private insurance or private pay claims for our patients.